Amusement Park Security Guard
The Amusement Park Security Guard was an impatient and overconfident police officer who worked the night shift at an amusement park that the Klowns landed their space ship circus tent into. He was portrayed by the late David Piel.

Role in the filmEdit

The security guard was eating a sandwich then saw a tiny Klown Kar coming in. Slim was the first to come out, then the cop said, "The park's closed, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave", then Bibbo, Chubby, Rudy and finally Shorty all came out, holding pies. The cop gets annoyed thinking that they're messing about and says, "What are you going to do with those pies, boys?"

The 5 Klowns start throwing their never-ending amount of pies at the cop. The pies make him bleed and melt the flesh from his bones, then the Klowns walked past the pile of pies into their circus tent. Shorty stopped, took out a giant cherry and put it on top of the pile to make it look like a ice cream sundae, then walked away. Mike, Officer Hansen, Rich and Paul arrived and saw the cop's skeleton before going into the circus tent.

The Klowns chose to melt the officer down instead of wrapping him inside cotton candy cocoons so that they can use him as food. This can be that the Klowns considered armed policemen dangerous since they can kill them by shooting their noses, or they just killed him for the fun of it. Or maybe both.