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Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Chubby is Fatso's brother and the only Klown shown drinking blood from a cocoon. He has red hair and wears a pink and white costume with an enormous pale blue frill around the neck. Chubby is so fat that he can't even walk properly, he is forced to limp slowly, one foot at a time, as seen when he was walking to The Big Top and in the Cotton Candy Storage Room. 


Chubby was seen with Rudy and Bibbo holding a pizza box, with Shorty popping out to kill a teenage girl with a cotton candy gun. Chubby was later seen with Shorty, Rudy and Bibbo holding a trampoline for Debbie to jump out of her window to get away from Slim. Chubby was in the Klown Kar participating with Bibbo, Rudy, Slim and Shorty in killing an annoying security guard who wouldn’t let them into their headquarters using acid pies. Hansen and Mike, hiding in the Cotton Candy Storage Room, watched Chubby use a crazy straw to drink out of one of the cotton candy cocoons, then when he was done, make a big belch. He was seen again coming out to whack down Mike, Debbie and Officer Hansen until the Terenzi Brothers crashed through the wall, stopping the attack with their "Great and Powerful Jojo" trick. He was last seen leaving when their real leader Klownzilla came in.

It's possible that Chubby perished along with all the Klowns when Klownzilla exploded in the Big Top.


The Halloween Costumes shop released a mask of Chubby, but it was named "Fatso" by mistake.


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