Farmer Gene Green
Farmer Gene Green is a minor character from the film. He is a farmer who thought the Killer Klowns' circus tent-spaceship was Hailey's Comet. He was played by Royal Dano.

Role in the film

Green was first seen sitting on his porch with his dog Pooh Bear in the beginning of the movie, when he saw a bright light heading toward the forest. Thinking that it was Hailey's Comet, and that he could make a fortune as it it was on his land, he grabbed his shovel and a bucket and took off to search for it. When he and Pooh Bear found it, it was nothing but a circus tent (which is actually a spaceship shaped like a circus tent). As he searched for the ticket booth, Jumbo's shadow was seen stalking them, with the Klown quickly snatching away Pooh Bear with a net. Farmer Green was outraged that Pooh Bear had been abducted and angrily tried to sabotage the tent, but in a twist of irony the tent sabotaged him by getting him electrocuted doing so, and knocked onto the ground. Jumbo, who heard his screams, spotted him and killed him right on the scene with his cotton candy gun.


  • Royal Dano played a very similar character in the 1990 sci-fi/comedy movie Spaced Invaders.