Big Top Spaceship in outer space

The big top spaceship in outer space heading straight to Earth.

The Big Top is the Killer Klowns' spaceship that has the same functions as a hot air balloon and is disguised as a circus tent. The interior is wildly decorated with several swirls, stripes, and tubes of various colors.


There are elevators, doors that open onto other doors that differ in size, the tunnels are extremely curved and there is one big room filled with enormous boxes, above which is an alcove where Klownzilla dwells. In one room that Mike and Debbie stumbled into, mysterious purple lightning was coming from a round electrical core. above a deep shaft. It had only a small balcony and was too deep to see the bottom. Mike stated that it smelled like candy. There is a 'storage' room where cotton candy cocoons, (containing the Klown's victims/food), hang just like butchered meat on hooks, and popcorn tubes that act much like electronic popcorn machines and are operated by large levers. A trap door near one entrance to The Big Top leads to a lower level with a ball pool, where the only Female Klowns shown in the movie, Daisy and Rosebud, were waiting. There is also a fire pole that leads directly into the mouth of an unidentified, multi-jawed creature that apparently dwells in a shaft below the floor, forcing people to jump off or be eaten.

In the film

Big Top Spaceship

The circus-tent spaceship is taking off, leaving Earth and heading back to outer space

The Big Top lands in farmer Gene Green's backyard, which he doesn't notice until the beginning of the film. (Green thinks Haley's comet has landed in his backyard.) The farmer and his dog go to investigate, are killed and trapped inside cotton candy cocoons by Jumbo. Mike and Debbie come inside out of curiosity to check it out, but are chased out by Rudy and Spikey with a living balloon dog. Later on, The Big Top moves to an amusement park, hiding in plain sight among the other circus attractions. Mike, Dave and the Terenzi brothers chase the Klowns, (who've captured Debbie) into the ship, rescue her, and are pursued until they arrive at Klownzilla's lair and must face the monstrous Klown. At the end of the film, the Big Top takes off, but it ultimately explodes when Klownzilla explodes inside it, apparently killing all the Killer Klowns.
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